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Sailing Trip

          Sailing Camp!

The experience of a life time!

All skill levels are welcomed and accommodated. 

Meet your Instructor


My name is Piper. I have been teaching sailing for nine years. Of all the ages I have taught-- 4 through 82 --the kids are my favorite. I have been told that is because I am a kid at heart. 

I understand every child's uniqueness and do my best to tailor camp to fit their educational needs and desires. My priorities are safety and responsibility, then fun then learning. 

Photos of where it began for me!

piper on boom 2007.jpg

The Camp Curriculum

Your campers experience, intuition, and desires shape what they will learn. Typically, campers will be able sail without an instructor by the end of their first week. Those who are already competent sailors will be given games tailored to their sailing goals. If you have any questions, please reach out at (904)392-6671.

The Schedule 

The camp runs from 8-3:30 Monday through Friday. Drop off is at the Sunrise Park Pavillion between 8-8:30 and pick up is from 3-3:30. During these thirty-minute limbo periods campers learn essential knots as well as nautical trivia. Throughout everyday campers are given two fifteen-minute breaks and one thirty-minute lunch break. If they need or request more or less break time exceptions will be made. 

The Boats!

Camp is taught on sunfish. These simple boats are the best learner boats due to the accessibility of controls and room for advancement. Campers who are less comfortable on the water will be started on a kayak.

What to Bring?

  • A reusable water bottle. These will be the camper's best friend. We have a water jug to refill it!

  • Shoes! You should bring two pairs of close-toe, hard soled, shoes. Your camper will need to wear them into the water, so please make sure they fit well and can get wet! Wet shoes suck --Please don't forget the spare pair! Unfortunately, flip flops and sandals do not meet the safety requirement. 

  • Sun protection! Your child will be spending a lot of time in the sun.  We strongly suggest they wear sunscreen, breathable long sleeve shirts, and hats. 

  • Please send your child with a filling lunch in a standard size lunch box or bag and a snack. Sailing camp tends to increase your child's appetite!

  • A fitting US Coast Guard approved life jacket. This will be worn at all times in or by the water. 

  • Any medications your child might need. 

  • Their smile! They're going to use it!

While Always Somethin' Sail Camp consistently reminds campers not to forget their belongings, we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. It is the camper's responsibility to keep track of all of their stuff.

Inclement Weather

If I could control the weather, it would always be 75, sunny, with 15 knots of breeze from the SSW! Unfortunately, the weather didn't ask me... Weather conditions that make it so we can't sail include lightning, 15knts of wind or more, or no wind. No worries, there is always somethin' fun to do! We'll let you know if the weathers to foul to play and be busy with sailing trivia games until you can come pick up your camper! 





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