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With over 20 years fishing experience all over north America, Capt. Srb is guaranteed to take you on a fishing adventure you won't soon forget. Whether its your first time touching a rod, or if you’re a seasoned pro, you will be all but disappointed by the end of your adventure filled day.  While we're primarily focused on putting you on bonefish, permit, snook, redfish, trout, and big tarpon, you could never know for certain what the day ahead will bring. (including big barracudas, and even sharks!!) Our  top of the line kevlar technical poling skiff, is capable of navigating in mere inches of water with virtually no noise. That, matched with top of the line fishing equipment, you're sure to have the perfect chance at the fish of a lifetime. For details please click the "Guided Fishing Adventures" link located at the top of this web page. Feel free to contact us by phone or email with any questions or special requests.

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     We are a company designed and structured around the restoration and conservation of the Florida Everglades. This major eco-system is so crucial to both the overall health of our oceans, and to the economic value it gives to the state of Florida. With many of its fish species being migratory from international water ways, the destruction of its habitat through a decrease of freshwater entering the everglades will undoubtedly (if gone unchecked) have devastating effects on marine plant growth. This, in turn, will cause a domino affect that will collapse entire eco systems that directly influence our oceans health, and our state’s economy in massive ways. As the home of the fishing capitol of the entire world, recreational fishing in Florida is estimated to bring in an astounding 11.5 billion dollars in economic impact and supports over 106,000 jobs and counting. (statistics found on FWC website and are current as of 2019)  Our mission, (with the help of other wonderful associations) is to ensure these waters not only continue to produce, but substantially increase through extensive research, restoration, and finally, the conservation of these vanishing lands and water ways. 

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