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*Tournament Rules*

Tournament official contact information:
Phone: (386) 285-8402



The following is a guideline for the First annual redfish tournament hosted by “Always Somethin’ Charters” and its sponsors.


Official Date/Time of Tournament

The tournament will be a total of 2 consecutive days. (Oct. 21st)-(Oct. 22nd) 2023

Start time will be from safe light until 3PM eastern standard time. No lines in the water until 7AM eastern standard time.  At least a two hour early arrival is recommended in order to launch and prepare. Upon arrival you will check in at the designated booth where you will receive a number that represents your team.


Location for Check-in

The official location of the tournament will be at City Island Park ( 113 Jackie Robinson Pkwy, Daytona Beach, FL 32114 ). Upon arrival you will need to follow the signs that lead you to the official check in station before heading to the launch.


Fishing Zone

The fishing zone is restricted to the "Northeast zone" as depicted in the florida fish and wildlife regulation. Please follow the following link for specifics.

ANGLERS MUST NOT GO SOUTH OF THE NORTH EAST ZONE, doing so will put you into the Indian river lagoon which has a strict catch and release policy on red fish. Fishing that zone will be grounds for disqualification with no refund.

Boat and Team Requirements

Teams are to consist of no more than two people per vessel. Both people are permitted to fish and contribute to the bag. Boat MUST have fully operating live well capable of keeping two fish healthy and alive until weigh in.


Bait and Tackle

Bait and tackle used MUST abide by ALL current Florida department of fish and wildlife regulations. Both artificial and live bait use during tournaments is permitted.


Fish Requirements, Weigh in and Point System

Fish must be caught during the duration of the tournament. Any fish brought with to tournament - or any intentionally staged fish- will be grounds for an automatic disqualification with no refund and no ability to participate in any and all tournaments hosted by Always Somethin’ Charters or its affiliates. Fish stuffing is NOT allowed. Any fish brought to weigh in that has been artificially filled with any items (organic or artificial) with the intent to increase the weight of the fish will be automatically disqualified with no refund, and full loss of any future participation of tournaments hosted by Always Somethin’ Charters or its affiliates. Absolutely NO trimming of length of fish or stretching of fish is acceptable, mutilation of any fish brought to weigh in is grounds for automatic disqualification with no refund and no  ability to participate in any and all tournaments hosted by Always Somethin’ Charters or its affiliates. Any fish brought to weigh in MUST fit the following requirements in accordance with the florida department of fish and wildlife official regulations;


Red fish MUST be between the legal slot of 18 and 27 inches in length, any fish caught outside of that slot must be released alive and unharmed. Culling is permitted (the release of a live healthy fish from your live well to be replaced with a larger fish you caught)


ONE Red fish PER PERSON on the team. Max of only TWO red fish total may be brought to weigh in per day.


A dead fish penalty of 8 points will be subtracted from the total points after weigh in.


All boats MUST be back at the start point no later than 4PM standard eastern time. Failure to return on time will result in a 20 point penalty of total points received after weigh in.


You WILL bring your fish to weigh in from your boat using a qualified tournament bag. (must hold water and keep your fish alive and healthy on the walk to the scale from your vessel) for recommendations please contact tournament officials prior to tournament.


Points are calculated at weigh in as follows:  Total weight of fish in ounces + Total Length of fish in inches = Total number of points per fish. Total points from day one are added to total points of day two. The winner is the vessel with the most total number of points at the end of the day two weigh in.




Payout is solely based on attendance. Max payout is $50,000.00 if the max number of participants have signed up for the tournament. (250) total payout is subject to change based on attendance.

Please feel free to reach out to tournament officials with any questions or concerns regarding the tournament or the purpose of the tournament. For more info on what the tournament proceeds are funding, please visit our sponsor via the web at

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