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Tournament Info and Registration

October-21st and 22nd-2023 Daytona Beach Florida at City Island Park

*FIRST PLACE GETS*  $50,000.00 


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Always Somethin' Charters

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Registraition Form

Admission fee for this tournement is $500


*All proceeds made from this tournament will be used for the construction of the worlds largest artificial reef. Specifically this event will fund phase one of the project which includes permitting, location survey, and marketing. It will take a team to make this reef a reality. Thank you for your interest in helping us give back to the oceans that our planet has taken so much from. We appreciate in advance the hard work, and determination that will help the Immor-Tech family grow in its ability to accomplish becoming the global leader in solving tomorrows problems. To learn more about the project, please visit for all the details.

CEO: Srbo Trikich
VP: Piper Blackford

Thanks for registering! We will See you at the Tournement!

Sorry! Come back next season! This tournement has reached the max number of allowable participants. (250)


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